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  • Summer of 2018: Donna, in Mamma Mia! at California Musical Theater

  • Most recent Aldonza in Man Of LaMancha at Arizona Theater Company.


Arizona Theater Company's Production of Man of LaMancha as Aldonza
Michelle as "Tanya" in Mamma Mia! at the Pittsburg CLO, July 28 to August 6, 2017.

Michelle Dawson as "Candy" in Saturday Night Fever at The Westchester Broadway Theatre. Courtesy of The Westchester Broadway Theatre.

Michelle Dawson as "Donna" Mamma Mia! at the Engeman Theater.

Photo Credit: John Vecchiolla

Michelle Dawson as "Aldonza" and Paul Schoeffler as "Quixote" in Man of La Mancha at The Westchester Broadway Theatre, March 3 - May 1, 2016. For the article, please click here. Photo Credit: John Vecchiolla. To view the article, Photo Flash: First Look at MAN OF LA MANCHA at Westchester Broadway Theatre, click here.

MAMMA MIA! event covered by CARAS Magazine

Michelle was a guest of honor at a MAMMA MIA! event at The Castle Hotel & Spa, Tarrytown, NY in September of 2014. The event was covered by CARAS Magazine and Michelle was on a recent issue cover. To view the article and accompanying video, please click here.

Mamma Mia! CARAS Magazine event

Courtesy Caras Magazine, 2014.

Mamma Mia! event for Caras Magazine at Castle Hotel & Spa in Tarrytown, NY. September, 2014.
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Mamma Mia! Caras Magazine event